Are waste pallets eating your working space?

Are you paying too much for pallet removals?

Don’t waste your money on Skip Bins/Dumpsters or Garbage tip fees. We specialise in the removal of your waste pallets. This is by far the most economical solutions for all business, no matter how large or small.

We can schedule a Daily/Weekly/Fortnight or Monthly visit to remove your waste pallets. Got an urgent pickup we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why you should quickly remove waste pallets from your workplace

• Unsafe workplace
• Less working space
• Vermin infestation

Reasons not to throw pallets in a Skip Bin/Dumpster

• Loss of productivity from staff to break pallets down to cram as many in a bin as possible

• Potential Injury to staff from handling damaged pallets

• Damage to machinery and other tools used in the breaking down process

• Outrages/Expensive tipping fees

• Environmentally unsafe handling of waste pallets, ie land fills

In reality, you can roughly fit 10 – 20 Pallets in a Dumpster which could cost more than $200.00 to pickup and remove. Using our Waste Pallet Collection Services, this would only cost $3.00 per pallet.

We go above and beyond your expectations. We are the best for "Pallet Removals in Sydney". We will pick up and take your waste pallets from your location.

Contact us now! We can tailor a 100% Guaranteed Waste Pallet Removal Solutions for you!